Year 1/2 KH/NO 2021 - 2022

Mrs O'Hara

Mrs Hughes

Welcome to Pearl Class

Here you will find information about our most recent topic, together with some photos of the different activities and displays that show a little of what we have been doing in our class.

This term’s topic is called ‘The Great Outdoors!’  In this topic the children will be provided with different opportunities to learn from the outdoor environment, especially within the subjects of Science and Geography. In Science, we will focus on habitats and how the needs of different animals vary. In Geography, we will contrast our local habitat to the Daintree Rainforest in Australia. We will use maps and globes to locate both places, identify, and compare, the physical and human features of both areas.

We will join the rest of the school to focus on the Jubilee celebrations in History and DT. The children will discuss what the monarch is and will build a simple timeline of the Queen’s life. We will then consider the question, how is the Queen significant in our local area and our lives today? If you or any family members have memories, or photos of any of the Royal family visiting the local area, or indeed how special events e.g. the Coronation, were celebrated, then please do get in touch. We would be very grateful of any extra ways that we can make the children’s learning more exciting.

In English, we will be using a range of beautiful texts to enhance our topic, including those celebrating the outdoors and nature. We will be writing letters and recounts, nature poetry and riddles and reports about different woodland animals. We will also build upon our geographical knowledge through investigating the book ‘Where the forest meets the sea’ by Australian author and conservationist Jeannie Baker.

In Maths we will be learning which numbers are odd and even. We will begin to solve problems involving multiplication and division. We will learn about fractions of a shape and a number. We will talk about different positions, directions and turns (left, right, above, forwards, clockwise etc) and we will read and make different times on a clock. 

We will be looking at a very special and important person in Judaism, a man called Moses in RE this term. We will look at the story of Moses and the introduction of the Ten Commandments in both the Jewish and Christian faith.

In ICT we will continue to develop our coding skills. After half term we will create an e-book containing images, sound and text about the great outdoors. 

We will be looking at different aspects of nature in Art. We will revisit and explore the work of Andy Goldsworthy. At the end of the unit, we will create a multimedia collage to bring our learning together.

Our two music topics are, ‘Down to the woods’ and ‘Down to the jungle’. The children will be learning to respond to pitch, perform actions in time to a range of songs and sing songs.

As you can see, the children have many wonderful learning opportunities over this term and we are all looking forward to the weeks ahead.

General Reminders


The children have two PE lessons each week; these are on a Monday and a Thursday and children need to come to school in their PE kit. 


The children have homework that will need to be completed each week, which is an important extension of our learning in the classroom.  Further information about each one will be sent home with your child and more information can be found in the newsletter.  Your child will also be issued with  a reading book each Friday  so please ensure they have their reading record and book in their bag each day.  We really appreciate your support in assisting your child to complete each task.


We use class dojo as a way to reward the children and to communicate with yourselves.  We will add messages or extra information about what your child is learning at school.  You can also message us directly with any small queries and we are always happy to arrange a time to meet after school if more time is needed.


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