School Rules

School Rules

The children will know these aspects of anti-social behaviour in the form of seven expectation or rules.

  1. No kicking
  2. No punching and hitting
  3. No discourtesy to adults
  4. No verbal abuse to other children
  5. No defacing the fabric of the building
  6. No unacceptable work over a period of time (usually one week)
  7. No generally unacceptable behaviour

However we have developed a more positive approach to have a school rules that emphasises how we should be. It is:

“We should smile and be friendly, be well-mannered and polite, speak the truth, be fair, treat each other well and with respect."

The children have also adopted a school motto:

“In our school,

We smile,
We have fun,
We make mistakes,
We say I’m sorry,
We care about each other.”

The children are also made aware of positive strategies to deal with their own feelings when tempted to contravene these seven expectations. All have been illustrated during assembly times.