Parent Teachers Association

What is the PTA?

It’s the Parent Teacher Association. No clearer?! Let's see if we can clear that up!

All parents & teachers at Lower Park School are part of the PTA. If your child is attending the school, the chances are you are pretty passionate about the school & want to be able to get involved in your child’s experience there. 

You don’t have to attend meetings, organise events or commit lots of time to the PTA. Your passion and enthusiasm is what is most important. Of course if you would like to join the PTA committee, please do speak up because we are always looking for more members. Again, please don’t think you’re about to sign up for weekly meetings, endless emails and a lot of work! As you’ll see in this introduction, many hands lighten the load!

What do we do?

The PTA is committed to raising funds for the school. We arrange fun & engaging events for the pupils, parents, and the wider community. You may be aware of previous events (film nights, disco’s, bingo nights, wreath making & plant sales) or all this might be new to you. We hope by the end of this introduction, you will have a better understanding.

As you will be aware, the school gets funding from the local authority. However that doesn’t always cover some of the wonderful additions made to the school in recent years. Some of the PTA monies have been spent on:

  • Touch screen computers for all class rooms;
  • New PE tops - one for every pupil; 
  • Enhanced SEN equipment;
  • Contributions to enrichment days;
  • Transport for residentials;
  • Christmas Crackers;
  • Library books;
  • Creating the daily mile; and
  • Microphones for shows to name but a few!



COVID has rather put a damper on events over the last couple of years. As a result, the PTA has not been able to raise as much money as we would normally. Therefore we are looking into new & creative ways to raise money to fund more exciting items for the school. 

Over the next few months you will see a variety of events that we would love for you to get involved with - whether that is attending the events, or offering to help at them, we are always appreciative of assistance!

Some of the favourite events which are making a comeback in 2022 are the Bingo night, the plant sale, film nights and hopefully even a disco or 2!


As you are aware from the above, you are already a member of the PTA. However we have a committee of people who are the driving force behind the events, fundraising and spending of the money. We are:

Headteacher: Mrs Lomas

PTA Chair: Charlotte Guy - Mum to Olivia and Harrison, Charlotte has also been involved in the PTA for a num ber of years & has always been there with a helping hand! In the outside world Charlotte works for the North West Ambulance Service & is generally a calm & collected person!

Vice Chair: Lis Halpin - Mum to Rose and also two older children who have recently left Lower Park. Lis has been a member of the PTA for a number of years and has successfully run various events. Lis is always willing to help out when needed. Outside of school life, Lis is a trained florist & enjoys going on walks.

Treasurer - Ellen Little - Ellen is an absolute genius when it comes to the budgets, tracking payments and generally keeping on top of what the PTA can / cannot afford! Ellen is assisted by Mandi Banks, another long standing member of the PTA who has been involved in organising both Christmas & Summer Fayres.


I’d love to help but...

As you will have seen from our introductions. We are all busy parents! We all have other commitments and struggle for time. However, many hands make light work. The more people are able to help out & get involved, the less you actually need to do!

Being involved in the PTA should be fun. Yes it can get a bit stressful at times, but we are a nice group & we all support each other. At the end of the day, we’re doing it because we want all the children at Lower Park to have the best school experience possible. 

So whether you can give a little bit of time to help out at an event (think handing out snack boxes at a film night, or covering a 30 minute slot on a stall at a fayer), you have special skills that you think might benefit the school (no, not like Liam Neeson, think more florist / catering / event planning etc) or whether you’d like to join the committee and attend meetings or arrange an event, please consider what you can give to your PTA. 

A number of the current committee members either no longer have children at the school or their children are leaving soon, so it would be an excellent time for you to get involved & shape the events your children will enjoy during their time at Lower Park.

OK I’m convinced, what next?

Excellent! We are contactable on one of the following:



At the school gates at pick up / drop off

Via the school office

Please get in touch - and consider how you can help. Specific requests will follow from the committee so keep your eyes peeled & volunteer if you can.