Diary Dates

Diary Dates, School Holidays & Inset Days

Throughout each school term the Diary Dates will be displayed on this page. They are updated weekly here and on the Lower Park Beacon Page.

School Holiday Dates for 2018 / 2019, 2019 / 2020 and Inset Days can be found lower down the page.

Diary Dates for the Spring Term 2019


Mon 7          January 2019

School opened for Spring term 2019

Thurs 17

PTA meeting 7.30pm

Mon 21

6.30pm Ilam meeting for parents

Tues 22

High 5 Netball (Y5 & 6) at Macclesfield

Weds 23

Cllr Jos Saunders visiting school.

Mon 28

Chairs of Govs 6.30 / Full Govs’ meeting 7.00pm



Thurs 7

Numbers day

Fri 15

School closes for half term

Mon 25

INSET Day – School Closed

Tues 26

School Opens at 8.50am

Thurs 28

PTA meeting at 7.30pm

Mon 4             March

6.30 – Pupil & Curric Govs’ meeting

Mon 4

7.45 – Environment & Community Govs’ meeting

Tues 5

School Health to do Vision and hearing with reception

Weds 6

Year 2 Sats meeting at 6.00pm

Weds 6

Year 6 SATs meeting at 7.00pm

Thurs 7

World Book Day

Fri 8

Discos KS1 & FS 6.00 & KS2 7.15

Mon 11              

6.30 Personnel Govs’ meeting & 7.45 Finance Govs’ meeting

Tues 12

School Health Check to do vision and hearing with Reception

Tues 12

Parents’ Evening

Weds 13

Parents’ Evening

Thurs 21

Tattenhall meeting for parents 6.30pmTBC

SAT 23

PTA Bingo night 5.00 – 8.00pm

Mon 25

6.30pm Chairs of Govs meeting & 7.00 Full Gov Body meeting

Thurs 28

7.00 PTA meeting

Thurs 28

Cross Country at Moorfield (Y3-6)

Tues 2            April

Y1 to Tatton Farm TBC

Weds 3

Y2 to Tatton Farm TBC

Weds 3 - 5

Year 5 to Ilam

Fri 5

Reception to Tatton Farm TBC

Fri 5

School Closes for Easter Holiday

Tues 23          

School Opens for Summer Term

Further activities are being planned for this term and will be added to the list above

Every effort will be made not to change dates however, if necessary any changes/ additions are highlighted with *

TBC means To be confirmed. TBF means To be Finalised.


Holidays in Term Time

Please note the school holiday dates below. Term time holidays should be avoided – only special circumstances associated with a holiday leave can be authorised.

Please inform school about the special circumstances by letter when requesting leave in term time. (Governing Bodies have been directed by the DCSF NOT to authorise holiday leave in term time because of availability of cheap holidays, desired accommodation or the overlap with the beginning and end of term).

Unauthorised absence has to be recorded. ABSENT CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED to take SATs at another time. It is essential that the children attend school during that week and in the weeks leading up to the start of the SATs


School Calendar Dates 2018 – 2019                                            

                                             SCHOOL CLOSES                            SCHOOL OPENS

Autumn Half Term                 Friday 26th October                         Tuesday 6th November

Christmas 2018/19               Friday 21st December                      Monday 6th January 

Spring Half Term 2019         Friday 15th February                        Tuesday 26th February

Easter 2019                          Friday 5th April                                 Tuesday 23rd April

May Day 2019                       Monday 6th   May

Summer Half Term 2019       Friday 24th May                              Monday 10th June

Summer 2019                        Friday 26th July                               

INSET DAYS : Monday 3rd September 2018, Monday 5th November 2018, Monday 25th February 2019, Monday 29th July 2019, Tuesday 30th July 2019.


School Calendar Dates  2019 -2020

                                                       School Closes                         School Opens 

Summer 2019                   Friday 26th July                       Tuesday 3rd September 

Autumn Half Term            Friday 25th October                 Tuesday 5th November

Christmas 2019/20           Friday 20th December             Monday 6th January 2020 

Spring Half Term 2020     Friday 14th February               Monday 24th February 

Easter 2020                      Friday 3rd April                         Monday 20th April 

May Day 2020                  Monday 4th May  

Summer Half Term 2020   Friday 22nd May                      Monday 8th June 

Summer 2020                   Wednesday 22nd July

 Inset Days: - Monday 2nd September 2019, Monday 4th November 2019, Thursday 23rd July 2020, Friday 24th July 2020, Monday 27th July 2020